Love story of two people different country (starting from facebook)

Today's technological age allows people to be spotted after being acquainted in facebook social media, although different ethnic and different countries.

Call it Ilaria girls from Italy desperate to come and  youth who live in Central Batang regency, named Dzulfikar.

Italian chick and Central Jateng guy that communicate through facebook which then love each other love. They intend to continue the marriage.

Ilaria came to Batang on 18 April 2017 directly to Tragung village, Kandeman district, Batang district.

The purpose and purpose of Ilaria to Indonesia to meet Dzufikar because claimed to have felt fit they finally agreed to hold a wedding.

It has also been passed on to Ilaria's parents in Italy.
In essence they approve the wedding plans of a young couple of different nationalities.

"For two years I raised money working in a restaurant in Italy just to come to Indonesia," Ilaria said.

This proves that love can grow from anywhere, not least from social networking.


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